• August 23, 2020

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Saba Aftab

Rules to Move Illustrations from Adobe Illustrator to After Effects

After Effects offers endless possibilities when it comes to 2D animation and motion graphic. If you have just started tapping into the world of After Effects, it can be a little overwhelming but learning the basics of this tool will help you a lot in understanding how After Effects works. It is also important to understand how it works in

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How to Leverage Instagram for your Business

History  Instagram has been evolving since its inception in 2010, with new features and functionalities being introduced constantly. The addition of business accounts in 2016 allowed businesses to create a professional profile,

10 Useful Tips for a Healthy Work Lifestyle 

This has been a particularly difficult year for employees having to shuffle between working from home and in the office, being overworked and even laid off. There can be several factors

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