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How to Create Consistent Content for Social Media

Why is Creating Content Important?  Developing a consistent online presence for a brand is an important goal to integrate within a business strategy. From small organizations to large corporations – all business brands should prioritize their brand development and content strategy in order to reach their target audience effectively. Individuals are easily able to engage with a business and relate to the core message when relevant content is provided to a

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YouTube Trends June 2021

YouTube is an effective source of advertisements, branding, information, and entertainment. However, with so many videos being uploaded, why do some become viral, while others with similar content do not?   A main reason is YouTube trends. These trends are constantly updating and adapting, so being up to date as a YouTube channel/content creator is crucial to running a successful channel.   We’ve compiled a list of YouTube trends that are currently popular

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Meet the SMG Team – Blog Post

       Branching from our well-established IT Consulting firm, we are a Digital Marketing Agency with the expertise and experience to bring digital facets & dimensions to life by bridging the gap between Technology & Marketing.         Our team of designers, marketers, & developers provide more than content writing and graphics. SMG goes beyond the traditional

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2021 Graphic Design Trends

The start of a new year always brings exciting new trends for the graphic designer community to indulge into and explore. These new trends allow designers to experiment and challenge their creative side and help them in evolving and polishing their skills.  The dawn of 2021 also brought some exciting new trends to indulge into. Some of the new trends

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Why Digital Networking Matters for your Business

This past year, many have been frustrated with the absence of in-person professional experiences, which were previously easily obtained through business expos and networking events. With the lack of in person interaction within the business community, it’s essential for both individuals and organizations to leverage their digital networks. By communicating and collaborating with others digitally, businesses still have the opportunities to find new leads and new employees. On the other hand, individuals seeking employment or looking to

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Dos and Don’ts of B2B Marketing  

B2B marketing can be a challenge at times. Unlike the B2C marketing, the B2B market isn’t always eager to communicate across traditional channels. The B2B market consists of key decisions makers such as C-level professionals and mangers, individuals whose typical schedules allow for little to no openings. How do we engage businesspeople who are engaged beyond their schedule allows? It is an ongoing challenge for marketers that the Smart Marketing Group (SMG) is continuously working towards finding

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