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Your Brand Needs an Identity

You have a kickass idea for a business, an awesome name and you think you’re ready to go with your business, you’re correct! But only partially. There’s a lot more to starting a business than just a name, idea and revenue. Let’s see it from a communication designer’s perspective. Being a designer, I observe every signboard coming across my way

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2021 Youtube Trends

YouTube has become one of the topmost platforms for many individuals, brands, and even businesses to market themselves and their products. With the increasing features YouTube has to offer, various markets are relying on YouTube due to its massive audience and constantly changing trends.  Here are the most popular YouTube Trends that Youtubers have been incorporating into their content in 2021:  

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LinkedIn Marketing 101

LinkedIn provides an engaging platform for businesses to expand their online presence, allowing them to establish their brand, generate leads, and promote their business. With more than 774+ million members utilizing LinkedIn’s professional platform, there are endless opportunities to make connections with other business professionals, collaborate with other organizations, and share your content. By building an online business network through LinkedIn, organizations can market to their audience by optimizing their company

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Tips for Getting the Most out of your Social Media Posts

If you, like many other businesses, have chosen to advertise on social media, then you know the challenges that come alongside it. From writing relatable and insightful content to producing catchy and creative graphics to adding the correct hashtags, creating an effective social media post takes a lot of effort. Apart from that, there are other techniques to help boost

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Email Template Design – What you Need to Know

Social media marketing is common and effective these days but it requires a lot of effort, hard work and patience to see positive results. Businesses should not merely depend on social media marketing alone, rather explore other means as well. Email marketing has proven to be one of the most fruitful ways to market a product or a company.  Email is an older means of communication than social media, hence it is effective for all generations. According to Agency Analytics, an average

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