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Email Template Design – What you Need to Know

Social media marketing is common and effective these days but it requires a lot of effort, hard work and patience to see positive results. Businesses should not merely depend on social media marketing alone, rather explore other means as well. Email marketing has proven to be one of the most fruitful ways to market a product or a company.  Email is an older means of communication than social media, hence it is effective for all generations. According to Agency Analytics, an average

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Get to Know Your Customer 2021

Get to Know your Customer Day is coming up this Wednesday July 14th, 2021. This day serves as a reminder for businesses to not only get to know their customers, but to celebrate past and existing customers. Customers are what allow any business to thrive and grow, making this day a great time to ensure that you are doing what

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Free Apps for Illustrating and Video/Image Editing

With the introduction of computer devices and software’s like Adobe Suite the life of designers, artists, video editors and marketers took an amazing turn. Now a days we have plenty of software available in the market to cater the needs of designers, illustration artists and videographers. With the increase in mobile user and evolution of mobile phones to smart phones;

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Social Media Day Article 

History  Mashable, a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company, established Social Media Day on June 30, 2010, to acknowledge and celebrate the influence of social media in global communication. This year Social Media Day is recognized and celebrated on Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Today, social media is at the core of worldwide communication and collaboration. Smart IS has been utilizing social media channels to share the latest trends, highlight our expertise, and connect

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YouTube Dos and Don’ts

Whether you are a content creator, a business or a brand, or an artist who wants to make it big on YouTube – there are some essentials you need to do; and not do. Take a look at these YouTube Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind for any aspiring Youtuber or creator!  Dos:   1. Do all the research before posting videos  Each time you have an idea

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