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The Power of Negative Space

Negative Space” also called “White Space” is the area between every individual design element. Sometimes, it is neglected and not given importance which results in a badly congested design. Negative space can either make a design attractive or ruin it completely. We cannot neglect it while creating designs. Negative Space doesn’t have to be white, it can be of any color, texture, and background. It helps to make the

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Xd Early 2021 Updates

Adobe Xd is the go-to tool for wireframing website and application and prototype. If you haven’t tried Xd we highly recommend it. This unique tool can entirely transform your client presentation and communication between developers. If you have been using Xd than you’ll be excited to see these latest updates. At the start of 2021 Xd introduced updates that enhanced web and application prototyping and other functional updates that make designing easier! The updates include: Vertical Scroll / Horizontal Scroll Previously, when implementing a scrolling option within a page, you inserted arrow signs and then explain

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How’s your #Game?

Influencers have become leaders in digital marketing, and are no longer just ordinary people sharing their experiences on social media. They have shaped culture and the economy. As businesses, we look to influencers to understand how to expand our virtual reach and create content that goes viral. What is it that helps these individuals create businesses out of social media? Are they paying

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Color Theory – The Right Use of Colors in Design

The use of the right colors or combinations of colors influences a user’s overall perception, interaction and understanding of a brand. This is why designers and product owners need to understand the meaning of different colors. There is no doubt that colors can stimulate our brain chemistry and generate feelings accordingly. As a designer, one must be familiar with the basics of “Color Theory” to get to know colors and the visual

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Decoding SEO Myths – What Really Works

It’s no big news that SEO matters and should be a part of every marketing and business plan. As with most things, Google is a great place to start your research when laying out your SEO strategy; but, with so much information available how do you know what is reliable and what isn’t. Overtime many SEO myths have been repeated and show up on

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Journey of Women – Successful Homemakers to Accomplished Digital Marketers

Women of the past were mostly confined to the role of homemakers. They were responsible for domestic responsibilities only; while, men were expected to go out and provide for them. The only skills that women of that era were taught were sewing, weaving, cooking, washing, and cleaning.  Women were denied the right to education, to own property or to be a part of public life. The idea that women should get education started floating about in the late 18th century when men realized that if women are the first

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