Instagram Reels: What Businesses Need to Know

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Reels is the newest feature to the Instagram platform. This feature gives users the ability to create a short video clip with music and transitions, similar to TikTok. A few settings you’re able to control with reels:

    • Length – Choose between 15 seconds or 30 seconds


    • Audio – Add a song with the Instagram music library or use the original video audio


    • Speed – Create a slower or faster pace version of the video with speeds of .3x, .5x, 1x, 2x and 3x


    • AR Effects – Use a filter effect created by Instagram or many other worldwide creators


    • Timer and Countdown – Set a timer to enable a countdown before the recording of a reel starts


    • Align – Record your reel live or choose from previously created videos from the camera roll and align objects between multiple clips


Once the video clips are combined and aligned, use Instagram’s usual options of adding stickers, text, and drawings.

How the Reel Plays into your Marketing Strategy:

Marketing your products/services –

Create an Instagram Reel to show how your products and services benefit potential customers. For example, if your business provides hair care products an Instagram Reel could showcase real-life use cases of individuals who previously used your product with a before and after hair care story. This provides an opportunity for potential customers to view case studies in a visually appealing clip, featuring products and real-life experiences in a timely manner.

Educational purpose –

Provide background to your products and services by creating an Instagram Reel featuring the key benefits of your business offerings. A business providing marketing services could highlight their key initiatives such as social media management, website design, and analytics support. Improve your ideal customer’s user experience by providing essential knowledge about your business offerings through a fast facts reel.

Core business elements –

A mission statement is a powerful summary of your business’ goals and values, which often grabs potential customers’ attention and gets previous customers to return. For example, if your mission statement includes creating a sustainable and organic workflow through the use of recycled goods, and Instagram Reel would be a great alternative to showcasing these initiatives. Many individuals process data and information better visually versus verbally (written text or spoken).

Instagram’s new feature can increase the traffic and engagement of your products, services, content, and overall brand familiarity. With it being a new feature, it is trending at the moment and is a great way to stay relevant to your Instagram audience. Don’t wait to add it to your marketing plan!






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