Why Digital Networking Matters for your Business

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This past year, many have been frustrated with the absence of in-person professional experiences, which were previously easily obtained through business expos and networking events. With the lack of in person interaction within the business community, it’s essential for both individuals and organizations to leverage their digital networks. By communicating and collaborating with others digitally, businesses still have the opportunities to find new leads and new employees. On the other hand, individuals seeking employment or looking to expand their professional network have an opportunity to do so through many digital channels.  

How to Network in Todays Digital Era 

Utilize LinkedIn: 

LinkedIn is a powerful professional platform full of unique individuals and businesses. By leveraging LinkedIn’s networking functionality, individuals have the opportunity to connect with likeminded professionals and companies. As an individual seeking employment, LinkedIn offers users a chance to find their next place of employment through the job board feature. Here, users can search for a position title, specific company, or a unique personal or technical skill one may possess. In addition, users may search for an available position by their location. The LinkedIn job feature also recommends position listings based on your profile information and recent search history. Likewise, employers have an opportunity to reach a wide audience when creating a job listing through LinkedIn. Whether an individual lives within the area or would be willing to relocate, businesses can provide their job requirements at a level of maximum exposure. This allows businesses to focus more on their organization’s daily operations and allow LinkedIn to help with the discovery and hiring process.  

Not only is LinkedIn beneficial for job seekers or companies interested in looking to hire, the professional platform aids in creating general connections as well. Ever attend a professional seminar and find yourself interested in connecting further with the keynote speaker? LinkedIn allows you to connect with the individual and send a personal message along with a “friend” request. The common phrase “it’s all about who you know” is applicable to LinkedIn’s wide array of personal networking functionalities. Creating a professional network through an online platform allows users to interact with others no matter their location. Unlike in person networking events, users can mingle with professionals through this online resource allowing for increased communication and collaboration capabilities. As a business, leveraging your connections can help you obtain new clients as well as expand your offerings.  


Reconnect for New Introductions: 

Social media and networking platforms create an opportunity for individuals to connect with others regardless of their location. Although reaching out to strangers may be a beneficial tactic, one may find their next place of employment or potential client opportunities through previous contacts. Utilize the power of digital communication and reconnect with old coworkers and friends to introduce them to people in your network, in the hopes of receiving new introductions to people in their network. Surprisingly, a previous coworker may be able to connect you with your next employment or client opportunity.  


Create an Online Portfolio: 

As an individual seeking employment, creating a digital asset such as an online portfolio allows for others to view your skillset and background on a more personal level. Perform an online search for yourself and note which social media platforms you utilize that are shown in the results. It’s important to create a digital personal brand that incorporates your values in a professional manner. By creating an online portfolio, others can view your recent employment, reference your past work, and learn how to contact you. A digital resume is an excellent resource to help brand yourself and incorporate your past and future goals.  

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