Why using Linkedin for B2B business is a must

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4 out of 5 people on LinkedIn “drive business decisions”



As you know LinkedIn is the only platform that has 4 out of 5 people making executive decisions. So, why not understand it to cater to that market too?

The reason why I prefer LinkedIn over other social media platforms is that its users are a more professional and to-the-point audience.

B2B professionals don’t have time to see what you are doing in your personal life rather they care about your professional profile.

Many businesses have opted for LinkedIn and have made it an overall part of their marketing strategy, but some are unable to understand its value.

Are you one of them?

If yes, this blog will help you change your overall marketing strategy.

According to LinkedIn, its lead conversion rates are 3 times higher than other ad platforms. (LinkedIn)

This statistic proves that organic LinkedIn conversions are higher than other social platforms so what are we waiting for?

The question you should ask here is what are the things that we need to do to improve our presence on LinkedIn?


Why should you use LinkedIn as a marketing strategy?


You might be thinking: Why do we need to go for LinkedIn when other mediums are available?

Before giving you the answer, you have to know your goals and have a clear understanding of your business nature.



Define your goal:

The first step is to define what your goal is and then you can start working on other things.

For instance, if you want to get more leads this is the first step to move forward.

  • Establish a brand image
  • Build connections
  • Generate leads

Above are some examples of goals that can help in understanding why you need to be on this platform.

Understand your business nature:

After you are done defining your goal next step is to understand the nature of your business.

Whether it’s B2B or B2C you need to have a clear perception of that.


For B2B businesses LinkedIn works best it not that B2C cannot survive but it won’t work that well.

There are certain things that you will have to work on to get yourself noticed on LinkedIn.

Improve your LinkedIn profile: –

  1. Create a good Linkedin profile: –


If you want to get noticed on Linkedin, what people will see is your Linkedin profile.

So, start working on your profile.

  1. Update your cover picture.
  2. Add a professional profile image.
  3. Add in your certifications and achievements.
  4. Add a professional bio.



  1. Share Videos: –


I don’t think I need to get into detail about why every business should start working on their video marketing strategies.


Do you know? According to optinmonster 66% of marketers are happy with their ROI on video marketing.

So, if you want to build brand awareness start using Linkedin as a marketing tool.


Moreover, it can help people know more about you in less time and this will also build personal connections.


No one wants to connect with a wall, do you?


If you want to get leads on Linkedin try using your profiles and then connect with people through videos.


  1. Share articles:


It’s always better to write your content; because if you share other content too much they will be promoted, not you!


So first, try creating your content and then continuously share articles on Linkedin to stay updated.


  1. Connect with relevant people: –


Networking is a must. Sharing content and videos won’t help if your target audience does not know what you are selling.


So, try connecting with relevant people.


Also, try to personalize your connection request. People often make this mistake; they send a customized message to everyone which does not help.


When you send a personalized message to others it makes them feel like it’s only for them. Another thing that will help in this process is to send short messages because people don’t have time to read articles!


  1. Comment and Like: –


Most importantly you need to stay in touch with the people you are in connection with.


So, try to comment a lot and like their posts to stay in touch.


Conclusion: –

Linkedin is a network that still has high organic reach.

As we all know how important organic reach is, we should not miss this opportunity.

If you are serious about building your brand image and building profitable reactions, LinkedIn is the best place to start.

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