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Adobe Xd is the go-to tool for wireframing website and application and prototype. If you haven’t tried Xd we highly recommend itThis unique tool can entirely transform your client presentation and communication between developers.  

If you have been using Xd than you’ll be excited to see these latest updatesAt the start of 2021 Xd introduced updates that enhanced web and application prototyping and other functional updates that make designing easier! The updates include:  


Vertical Scroll / Horizontal Scroll

Previously, when implementing a scrolling option within a page, you inserted arrow signs and then explain to either your client or the developer what that would mean. With the current update, these arrows and buttons are functional in the prototype with vertical and horizontal scroll featureYou can see in action how container or images will move on your site or applicationThis feature helps to bring life in your prototype, helping the present your protype in a more functional way. This feature is great for designers creating online product stores (e-commerce).   

Sticky Header 

The Sticky Header, like the vertical and horizontal scrolls, allows the header to act as it would on a live site in the Xd prototypeIn the previous version of Xd, it was left to the viewers imagination to see the header move along with rest of the page as you would scroll down. Again, this makes your prototyping experience more realistic and easier to share with others.  


Text Paths 

Enhance your text by creating Text Paths, which will transform the text to a vector. Once you enable this feature, you will not be working with font, but with a vector. The text will not pixelate, allowing you to play around with it by added gradients as you would a vector. This will result in better control of your wireframe.

Flip Vertical/ Horizontal

 A simple but very useful update, you can now flip any image, shape, etc., vertically or horizontally. Rather than going to Photoshop to edit your image, you can now directly flip it in Xd 

Our team loves using Xd to create wireframes and found these updates to be game changers! If you want to see exactly how these updates work, take a look at our tutorials on our YouTube Channel!  
These updates will now make your Take a look at our tutorials for each of these updates on our YouTube Channel 

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