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LinkedIn provides an engaging platform for businesses to expand their online presence, allowing them to establish their brand, generate leads, and promote their business. With more than 774+ million members utilizing LinkedIn’s professional platform, there are endless opportunities to make connections with other business professionals, collaborate with other organizations, and share your content. By building an online business network through LinkedIn, organizations can market to their audience by optimizing their company page, leveraging their business connections, and publishing engaging content. 

Optimizing Your Businesses Company Page 

LinkedIn offers businesses and organizations a chance to create a company page. While setting up a LinkedIn profile, businesses have the following options to define their certain business type:  

  • Small Business 
  • Medium to Large Business 
  • A Showcase Page 
  • Educational Institution 

The next step is to fill in the business’s page identity including the business name and website. In addition, businesses can fill in their specific company details and profile details. Individuals and companies can preview an initial interface into a business by filling out a company profile, which includes a summary of the company’s offerings and culture. 

Once the basic information is completed on a business’s company page, enhance the page by including a background banner photo. A banner image allows users to visually enhance an individual profile or company page. This can showcase a brand by including a first glance into a company’s culture, an individual’s skills, or by highlighting offerings. 

Leveraging Business Connections 

LinkedIn offers business professionals an opportunity to connect with other professionals as well as worldwide companies and local organizations. The search capabilities allow users to search for professionals, jobs, companies, and much more.  

Users can filter search results by: 

  • Connection Status (1st, 2nd, 3rd)  
  • Location 
  • Current Company 
  • Past Company 
  • School 
  • Industry 
  • Profile Language 
  • Service Categories 
  • And more 

LinkedIn’s search engine and search result filters enable targeted connections and potential customers. For example, if a company is searching for a customer base that’s within their local area, LinkedIn allows users to set targeted advertising in order to market to their key audience. Potential clients can consume an organization’s values as well as be identified when crossing a business’s brand again by providing high-quality content. 

Publish Engaging Content 

The LinkedIn network exposes users to a wide variety of business professionals and organizations. With millions of members, it’s important to optimize a company page by publishing engaging content that includes predefined keywords, relevant links, and engaging media.  


Include relevant keywords within a company profile as well as published content. This ensures that users will find a business and brand that correlates to their initial search. For example, a company offering web development services may choose to include keywords and phrases such as “web design”, “web development”, and “digital marketing”. While users search for these services, they will come across the company page whether they be local or worldwide. Be sure to include them within a company page “about” section as well as throughout a company’s published content. 

Relevant Links 

LinkedIn offers businesses an opportunity to include a Call-to-Action (CTA) Link within their company page. Links are necessary for improving your search engine ranking. Take our LinkedIn Company Page at Smart Marketing Group for example. As a marketing agency, we’ve determined that a Contact Us CTA is essential for potential customers to engage with our business and interact with our team in order to learn more about our products and services.  

Within the editing section of a company page, each business can include a custom button whether that be a contact us button, learn more, register, sign up, or visit website. A button preview is also available within the editing functionalities of the company page. 

Engaging Media 

Organizations must publish engaging content in order to target their key audience. LinkedIn enables companies the possibility of sharing content via text, photo, video, and even a document. In addition, companies can share that they are hiring by filling out a fast and free job posting. A job title, location, company, job type, and job description can be entered within this job posting.  

An additional content publishing function includes an option to celebrate a special occasion. This can include a celebration of a new employee, recognizing an employee, sharing a project milestone, congratulating an employee for a career milestone, and sharing an employee promotion. This is a great way to incorporate a business and their team, highlight new company updates, and share employee recognition. 


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