Your Brand Needs an Identity

You have a kickass idea for a business, an awesome name and you think you’re ready to go with your business, you’re correct! But only partially. There’s a lot more to starting a business than just a name, idea and revenue. Let’s see it from a communication designer’s perspective. Being a designer, I observe every signboard coming across my way and I critically analyse it to see how much of an effort a brand has put to creating its identity. Everyone person does the same, it’s just that sometimes they’re unable to identify why a certain brand looks more appealing than the other.

What is brand Identity:

Human beings are different in their appearances, personalities, behaviors and other traits. We are all unique with individual identifiers like our name, persona, nature, facial features, professions etc. Your brands are just as unique and that is why it is important to give your brand a special identity to make it stand out with its authenticity. In technical terms, a brand identity is giving your brand a logo in the form of an artistic symbol, color, font etc. along with supporting marketing strategy.

Why does your brand need an identity?

We’re living in the era of globalization where digital marketing and trading has become common. To compete in the digital market, it is very important to have a virtual along with the physical exitance. We look at the big companies like “Rolls Royce”, “McDonald’s”, “Apple” and we recognize them just by looking at them. These brands were not famous from the day they started their business, they worked on their identity to grow with the passage of time to create relevance and nostalgia among their clients. That is how these companies became successful in personifying their brand and creating an emotional attachment with the image of that brand to make it more relatable. Your brand identity gives your business an existence and makes it more identifiable in the consumer market.

How do I create a brand identity like a pro?

So now that we understand the purpose of brand identity and how important it is for your brand to grow, the next part is to give your brand the identity that stands out. To do that we need to follow some easy steps. Let’s say you have a salon and you want to create an identity for it. After brainstorming, let’s say you come up with the name “Chopz” and now you’re looking for the logo.

Research: One must have conducted strong market research to move further with the brand identity, because it remains with the brand until its entire existence. Make sure that the name is unique in the market and look for the best brand for inspiration and ideas.

Create a logo:

There are two types of logos, icon based and text based. By keeping the name as a reference to your brand, come up with some creative options of a logo either with text or an icon. Your logo must have some concept or a thought process behind it.


Next choose the color palette that will be present throughout your brand identity. You must know that colors have a great impact on defining your brand. As we’re creating a salon for women, we’ll research about the color palettes that are used in women related brands.

Size /Variations:

Create variations of the logo in different sizes for branding purposes. Make sure to create different monochrome options for dark and light backgrounds to fit various types of collateral.

Branding Material:

Now that you have a logo, all you need is to create your branding material for your business. Place your identity on as many products utilized in your business.

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