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If you, like many other businesses, have chosen to advertise on social media, then you know the challenges that come alongside it. From writing relatable and insightful content to producing catchy and creative graphics to adding the correct hashtags, creating an effective social media post takes a lot of effort. Apart from that, there are other techniques to help boost posts to organically increase engagement. In order to keep up with the competitive social media playing field, you should be doing the following: 

  1. Include Links – Link posts to relevant pages on your website to increase site traffic and to give your audience a focused call to action to follow. This will help to better meet your marketing goals and objectives. Added links give your social media audience more information that relates to your post. By including specific links and call to actions you are directly working towards your marketing goals. Including links in the social media posts is another way to back link your website, meaning that will better your SEO.
  2. Optimize Post Times – It is not just enough to post good content; you need to ensure that you are posting content at the right time as well. Keep a watch for when your audience is most active through analytic reports. Platforms like Facebook offer resources to keep a close watch on when your audience is most active each day of the week. Use this time to push content when you know your audience will be online. This will prevent your content from being drowned out by other posts. Posts that receive good engagement within the first few hours of being posted have a bigger reach and end up having a greater engagement than those that do not.
    A platform like LinkedIn watches posts that have good engagement directly after they are posted. If one of your posts gets more likes than it usually does within a given frame of time, then LinkedIn will push that post to a larger audience.  
  3. Add Alt Text – Including Alt text to all images alongside your copy is away to increase accessibility and reach. Alt text allows the blind or visually impaired to have access to the image you have posted. Alt text can be narrated to help those who are not able to access the image visually. 
    Alt text is not just a copy of the post content, in fact it should not be a copy. It should be short and to the point, while including keywords. This helps search engines pickup keywords and in turn better optimizes content. Phrase your Alt text in a similar way to the meta description on your blog post, concise with keywords that are relevant.
  4. Post in Groups – Facebook and LinkedIn offer groups that bring together similar interests to share ideas. As a marketer, join and become an active member of groups that are relevant to your industry. When your company posts content that would be of interest to the members of a particular group, share the post there. This will increase your reach and bring new people to your page.  


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