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As the digital era continues to evolve at a rapid speed, it’s essential for your business to possess an online presence. Many consumers take their questions to search engines, such as Google, in hopes of finding a business’s store hours, learning more about what a business has to offer, and even to seek contact information. Many people mistakenly believe that going online merely means visiting a company’s website. Although a website is a great resource for building your online presence, creating a touchpoint with your audience through marketing tactics and tools such as brand awareness and social media are also beneficial to your business. It’s important for potential customers to access your business information, read up to date reviews, be able to connect with you, as well as being able to follow your business journey. 


How Does a Business Establish a Presence in the Digital World? 

  1. Develop Your Brand 

Are you a die-hard Starbucks fanatic or more of a Dunkin Donuts drinker? Through their creatives, channels, and loyal customers, these two companies have built an easily recognizable business. It’s crucial to showcase your business as an overall brand. Take Starbucks for example. Their logo, color palette, and promotional content all intertwine to represent their Starbucks drinks. Creating a simple yet unique logo will attract engagement and resonate with customers as they continue to follow your business’s journey. Incorporating your brand colors throughout your social media, website, and promotional visuals is another way to establish your brand. Customers will quickly remember your brand if you use consistent fonts and color schemes on a regular basis. In the end, having a unified brand will increase the overall possibility of your business becoming recognized in person as well as online. Check out how our Smart Marketing Group incorporates our business logo and colors within our marketing materials: 

  1. Engage Customers Through Social 

In order to build brand awareness, it’s important to be present where your target audience is. Begin by evaluating your target audiences’ demographics. If your business is aiming towards a younger customer base, perhaps you should establish your business on TikTok. On the other hand, if your business is targeting adults, perhaps you create a Business Facebook Page. After you’ve decided which social media platforms your company should be on, the next step is to generate and curate content that reflects your values and services. Sharing content that is relatable to your target audience will resonate with potential customers as well as loyal customers and ultimately increase your brands engagement. To take it a step further, interact with your followers in order to establish your business’s online presence. Share behind the scenes content, respond back to feedback, and even interact with other business owners and brands. Consumers appreciate hearing from businesses in real time and empathize with companies that share valuable content. 

For example, if a clothing business is experiencing shipping delays, relay this to customers with a personalized message explaining the situation. Share it through the business’s social channels. Respond back to worried customers who have not received their orders yet. Customers appreciate the personalized message versus a general statement. 

  1. Create a Website 

Many businesses, both big and small, may wonder how valuable a website is for their business. Business owners, especially local shop owners, may debate whether having a website for their business is even necessary. SMG is here to tell you – it is ESSENTIAL! Here are a few examples of why websites are important for any and every business: 

  • A family is considering trying out a local Mexican restaurant – but is unable to find the restaurant’s menu online so they decide on a different local eatery. A personalized website is necessary to showcase the restaurants hours, feature their unique menu items, highlight specials, and even display coupons or a loyalty program. 
  • An individual is looking for personal training but is interested in finding an online training program that aligns with their busy schedule. A fitness instructor looking to offer digital services would benefit from a website by sharing their personal journey and certifications, displaying a list of offerings or packages, and even creating the ability for individuals to schedule a discovery call with the trainer in order to better understand their health and fitness needs. 
  • A couple wants to arrange a river trip for their anniversary and goes online to hunt for boating businesses in a nearby large city. This type of transportation/hospitality company relies on both local and tourist engagement, which means creating a digital footprint is a must. Creating a website that allows users to book straight through the website streamlines the reservation process, allows individuals to view fares, and incorporates the brands intriguing offerings through their written and visual content. 

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