Benefits of Co-working for workforce

Collaborative Work Environment

Collaborative workspace is a new cool, as market is getting ahead with technology & future looks a lot like hexagon symbols with neon lights. Cutting edge technology adaptation requires a lot of effort with multiple teams working together & when collaboration is at that much of a peak it results in noticeable acceleration in performance.

Every leading company that goes under digital transformation they need to upgrade not only brand image but also their work environment to best suite their transformation. Blended workspace is the best-case scenario for transformation/merger on this level. Not only it will save cost and streamline your project-based collaboration but also more than that it has greater psychological effects on your workforce as well.

Following is a list of general benefits blended work environment comes along for your workforce.

Reliability, Growth & Presentable Attitude

When sales & marketing work together and define common goals on one table, they can create more effective campaigns, just like we cannot imagine Client servicing without the sales department just like that a development team goes well with UI/UX designers’ group.

A perfect blend & teams that can complement each other on common projects tends to push more productivity & blended workspace is a basic pillar for a setup like this. New recruits learn quickly and the project environment becomes reliable. When two teams can count on each other it boosts employee’s confidence, & grooming so they can rely on their teammates & present/pitch better.

Learning & Common Goals

In a Blended environment, you don’t need to setup specific systems to train/teach new recruits, it happens automatically. Learning is an essential part of every growing/expanding company new team mates & recruits need essential training to understand business nature, company persona & how to deliver what has been assigned. More than that training and upgrading a new technology/methodology is much more streamlined in collaboration culture.

Learning is an essential part of any company’s progress specifically growing and expansion. With technology getting upgraded on a wider level than it was before there are adoptions and training on some level always. Collaborative workspace impacts the mindset to achieve quick and faster on given targets for upgrades. Its the simple math of unity is strength. ­­

Engagement & Emotional Attachment

According to recent reports, Close work friendships boost employee satisfaction by 50% & workplace engagement in the U.S, disengaged employees cost organizations around $450-550 billion each year.

A happy workforce is always motivated, optimistic, and goal-oriented. Cultural development isn’t easy, but you can find good examples in almost every fortune 500 company having one of a kind culture and an employee’s emotional attachment to the company. Performance is directly proportional to the workforce’s attitude with the company, no motivation to come to the office every day and spend the whole day isn’t going to help anyone neither the worker nor the company. The mindset should not be to hire motivated employees but hire an employee to provide him/her opportunity to develop motivation, provide them with a good culture that produces emotional attachment with the company and pride. Collaborative workspace when junior is taking their seniors examples, they are attached to motivation coming directly from easy to hi-end tasks.

Zero-to-none Work Stress

According to a report by Health Advocate, stress has a negative impact on the productivity of a worker, and it can result in $300 billion loss productivity. This is a serious thought-provoking figure for companies with greater revenues on stake.

In an increased & natural blended workspace employee understand each other’s weaknesses & strengths it gives them confidence to help each other emotionally & professionally. With common goals variation of multiple skills on one table helps your workforce to focus and gain more growth while collaborating in tasks. This reduces workspace stress and anxiety because employees can rely one each other.

Talking from my 5 years’ experience in 3 companies, psychologically a cabin and walls around an employee will eventually grow on him/her and one way or other they are going to develop anxiety or destructive behavior. I found blended workspace relaxing, like an open place to move around, brainstorm ideas and having a professional live all together.

Fun & Motivational Culture

An average office worker spends one third of a day in office, if we take 8 hours a day it’s almost more than 2000 hours spent in an office for a whole year leaving extra work hours & deadlines out of it.

Studies also suggest there’s a huge impact of workplace culture on employees in terms of raising sales bar or simply collaboration. One study found that happy employees are up to 20% more productive than unhappy employees.

Blended work culture due to increased diversity derives a happy, engaging & fun environment for employees. It’s not just google does it so everyone should, it’s the outcomes & benefits that comes with a combined workplace. Collaborative environment promotes friendships and fun-loving culture, people have lunch together and form close relationships. This ultimately results in boosted performance and quality along happy culture.

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