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According to Forbes.com, v. With the recent increase in trends and interest of the audience towards videos, it is necessary to generate marketing content in this form. With a lot of gadgets and techniques available, it is very easy to create a video these days. It can even be done with your mobile phone but when the purpose of the video is to market a certain product you must be very careful about how to make it most engaging. When marketers use to create video advertisements for television, we had the benefit of the undivided attention of our audience but in this era of video on demand, it is more difficult to retain the viewers to watch the full video and get across the message.


Here are some tips for creating an engaging marketing video:

  1. Know your Audience:

The Key is to know and research your targeted audience so you can create content according to their interests and preferences. Every product or service has a specific set of the targeted audience. For example, if you want to make a DVC for candies your targeted audience is kids, so create content according to their likes and dislikes. Knowing your audience is the first step and after that, you can work on grabbing their attention.


  1. Grab Attention of your Audience:

As video content creators, we have a 5-second rule which means that we must grab the attention of our audience in the first 5 seconds. If we lose their attention in the first 5 seconds then they will skip our ad and watch something else. The trick is to add the most important point in the start. For instance, if you are going to present a solution through your product for an industry problem, make sure that the problem that you are solving is stated in the first 5 seconds. Avoid adding logo reveals or any branding in the start, you can do that later in your video, save those first 5 seconds for more valuable information.


  1. Make it Visually Interesting:

Make your video visually interesting by adding motion graphics and text layers. If you highlight the key points in the video by adding them as a text layer in the video it becomes more interesting and rememberable for viewers. There will be fewer chances of ignoring or forgetting those highlighted points. Adding these little details helps to engage the audience and reset their attention span.

  1. Use Varied Camera Techniques:

Use different camera shots and angles, like zoom in/out, panning, tilting, dollying, trucking, and so on. It will make your video more interesting and give it depth. Your audience will be able to look at the same content for longer if it is shown from different angles.

  1. Keep your Sentences Nice and Short:

Don’t hit your audience with too much information which they can’t digest in a short period of 1 or 2 minutes. The best technique is to keep your sentences nice and short and to the point. If the viewers want or seek more information, they can always search for your product which is a good thing, and it will lead to more serious buyers. What you basically must do is tease your targeted audience with enough information to get them thinking so they can voluntarily search for your product or service.


  1. Use Bright Colors and Fast Transitions:

Bright colors and fast transitions are always used in video production to grab the attention of the audience. Bright colors have a psychological impact on the viewers by creating a positive impact on them and will unconsciously make their mood better.


  1. Add Unforgettable Catchy Jingle and Upbeat Music:

Ever experience sitting in your room a jingle suddenly starts playing in your head even when you weren’t thinking about it and having it stuck in your head for 2 or 3 days? Yes! Well, that should be your goal while creating engaging unforgettable marketing videos. Those unforgettable jingles usually made up of upbeat music will help you create a brand image and will make it unforgettable. After all, we put in all this effort so that we can be remembered and build our brand image.

  1. Keep High Energy:

You don’t want to bore your audience, right? Keep the energy level high and fast-paced of your video throughout. Try to use humor if possible and try to engage with your audience using simple emotions like laughter, smile, happiness, excitement, or if necessary, empathy depending on the demands of your product or service. Be as human as possible to connect to the audience and make an impact. Remember it is easy to click skip nowadays. The choice is in your audience’ so create videos that your audience chose to watch.





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