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We have put a lot of our focus on Search Engine Optimization but as we are aware it’s not easy for everyone to get to the top.

Search Engine Marketing fills that gap and helps businesses keep their websites on top of the keyword search rankings they are unable to rank for organically.

Questions that may be on your mind about SEM:

• What is the Difference between SEM & SEO?

• What is Search Engine Marketing and how does it work?

• Does SEM Really Work?

If you are confused about why SEM is useful for your business here is are some statistics from Smart Insights that might help you know why?


Usually, the term SEM or Search Engine Marketing is used for paid advertisements on Google.

Whenever a user types a keyword on Google, we normally see an add on the top, which is SEM.

The question is still not answered, right? To be precise SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a method of ranking your website or blog to the top by using organic methods such as keywords, blogging, optimizing your website load time, etc.

Not every brand can come to the top especially when you are a new brand. Companies that want their brand to be shown to the top of a search on similar keywords use the SEM technique.

How SEM Works and Its Importance:

Let’s assume you have launched a new website Google won’t rank your website as it has algorithms that do not allow a new website to rank as compared to old ones.

So, what should we do? Here SEM comes into action.

Initially, a website needs to be pushed through Google ads to the user so that they know what your brand is or what it offers to the user.

Another important aspect that usually people ignore about SEM is that it can especially help you in your initial phases of business. For instance, a person searching for an agency on Google search might try the term “Website Development agencies near me”. If you have used that keyword on Google ads then that can help your website reach the top easier than SEO.

SEM can help brands get high quality leads at cheaper rates.

You won’t get that far with SEO if no one knows your brand. Similarly, Google has various parameters for a website to rank to the top of that keyword such as Backlinks, Domain Authority, Social Engagement, and many more which is a difficult thing for a new business. So, focusing on your brand awareness is key to kick start your brand and then move towards organic ways of getting traffic.

SEM can be done with these 2 platforms:

• Google Ads

• Bing Ads

In our upcoming blogs, we are going to discuss in depth how you can increase your leads through SEM and a step by step Google ads process that can help in generating high quality leads for your brand. We’d love to directly answer any questions you have about SEM, so please leave them below!

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