Adobe Xd: Your new UX Besty!

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  1. Definite Toolbox

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If you’re a UI/UX designer you have to share your end-product assets with a developer, the process of sharing can involve many complexities particularly with sizing and manipulation. Adobe Xd, primarily a wireframing tool, gives you maximized options to streamline your process by keeping your Toolbox limited and equipped with all the essential UI tools.

Let’s not stop with wireframing, we can find multiple design resources and stock to start web/application designs as well. The Toolbox is very precise here; you don’t need to worry about any development issues, such as sharing resources and exporting essential icons. Even a beginner can develop a quick site’s wireframe and share it around with the live push-changes option through public/locked links.

2. Agility

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Being a very minimal tool, Adobe Xd adds visible acceleration into your work. If you have an intermediate knowledge of Adobe Essentials,  Photoshop, Illustrator, e.g., than you are hardly a 04 hours effort away from starting your first wireframe project.

The export menu option for new documents helps you gain nice control over your wireframe quickly and smoothly.

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Because Xd already knows your developer needs, it will automatically create the appropriate file format based on the type of project you are working on. For example, it will create a PNG for web and SVGs for Application.

Minimal, quick & obvious Xd Toolbox gives your projects practical speed by giving you definite options.

3. Clean & Spot-On User Interface

It’s simple: you create from the left bar and edit your creations via the right bar. The Square/layout grids help keep your text and icons aligned, the pre-built artboard sizes are to keep the clutter out of the sand box where you’re playing around.

Its adaptable, the quick commands make the creating process simple, you will never get tired of pressing the space bar and moving around your workspace.

4. Prototyping

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Enough with the Photoshop vs Adobe Xd pitch. Though Photoshop is a powerful tool, Xd has its own unique benefits that cannot be compared with Photoshop. Xd allows for quick wireframe prototyping as an essential part of your work. This is especially beneficial when working around a collaborative team or a customer that wants daily updates.

Xd allows for you to create an instant click through experience and share a private link with customers and keep pushing updates to meet their requirements. This is not an option in Photoshop.

5. Huge Plugins & Stock Libraries

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Besides being an agile & minimal tool, it’s backed up with an amazing plugin library, and you can find almost all type of stock to help you out while getting started. Plugins even allow for the options of creating/copying quick CSS/HTML codes. Traditional ways of working in UI/UX is constantly changing; and, it’s because of that acceleration experienced designers need to be aligned better with this tool to keep successful.

Over the last 3 years I have been working with Adobe Xd and I still cannot get enough of it! If you’re an interface/experience designer spend some time here, you will definitely benefit from it!

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