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By Saba Aftab, Graphic Designer at Smart IS International

Every creative person be it a designer, a filmmaker, an author, or an artist hits a creative block now and then. Sometimes when one gets hit by a creative block it becomes difficult to get out of it and to get your creative juices running again. There are certain tips and tricks that can help get creative people out of a creative block. Here are a few I have found useful:

Create an Inspiration Board:

Take a physical board or you can even create one in any software of your choice and pin all the drawings, images, and designs you have liked on it. Looking through this inspirational stuff might spark some striking ideas in your mind.

Digital Detox:

Sometimes sitting in one spot or room and staring at a screen for long periods of time can be exhausting and can result in a creative block. Go out and walk away from your digital devices for some time. Go out for a stroll, take a nap, or eat something fun to give your brain a mental break. When you come to work, you and your brain will feel more motivated and refreshed.

Have a Recreational Retreat:

A short digital break may sometimes do the trick, but at times you need a longer break. Sometimes getting away from work and taking a break can do wonders. Freshen up your mind and boost your energy levels by having a recreational retreat. Like go for a hike, read a book, go to a theatre, go to a concert or visit a museum or a gallery. All these activates will help you rejuvenate yourself and you can work on the task at hand with a fresh mind and more energy.


Sketching and doodling also give you a whole new perspective about the task on hand. Going back to the basics sometimes is the best approach. Try sketching anything be it a portrait, a still life, or a scene that captivates you. Even sketching a weird cartoon character sometimes helps.

Creativity Journal:

Keep a journal with you always and write down all the quotes, captions or ideas that you find interesting or inspiring. Also, draw or note down all the ideas you get during your leisure time in a journal. This may serve as a solution to your problem and going through the journal may inspire you during a creative block.

Search for Inspirations:

Inspirations are scattered around us. You can find inspiration from the work of your fellow artist. Look into the work of other artists, it’s best to look into the work of those artists whose style differs from your work. Experiment with the style that is out of your comfort zone. You may get some inspiration.

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