Managing your B2B Marketing Strategies Digitally 2020

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By Adeel Ahmad, Marketing Specialist at Smart IS International


With advancements in Technology, there has been a lot of changes in managing B2B marketing strategies.

In the past businesses focused on cold calling and outbound methods like selling and trade shows, etc. As marketing evolves, so must our marketing strategies and methods from traditional methods to fully going digital.

There are many platforms that can help in generating B2B sales. According to Content Marketing Institute Linkedin is on the top.


Let’s dig deep into B2B Marketing strategies and how we can utilize LinkedIn as a lead generation tool for businesses. If as a business you are focused on lead generation, then you need to focus on changing your marketing strategies.

Keeping in mind that LinkedIn is the top lead generation tool, let’s find out how we can utilize it to generate quality leads.





Furthermore, Linkedin is used by 95% of B2B marketers for content marketing and lead generation.

The first method is to start working on content marketing, as it is one of the most popular methods used for building trust within the professional community.

Content Marketing Institute breaks down how content has been used in the last 12 months.

  • Building Brand Awareness (86%)
  • Educating the Audience (79%)
  • Building Trust (75%)








So, the question that still isn’t answered is what can we do to better our sales strategy on Linkedin?

  1. Improve your LinkedIn Profile.
  2. Focus on creating content that can be used for building awareness
  3. Use LinkedIn Paid Ads


Now that we know how LinkedIn is used for B2B marketing, let’s focus on getting in touch with them.


  1. Know your Audience:


Before you can connect with our Audience, you should focus on what they are interesting in and what drives them. Do your research and understand how to connect with them.


  1. Share your Content:


Content marketing is one of the leading strategies for building a close relationship with your audience. Create relevant content and share that daily to stay connected with the audience.


  1. Increase Video Content:


As we all know how video marketing has changed marketing entirely. We are having webinars, lectures and casual talks on every platform. This is a must for any strong marketing campaign.


  1. Connect with your Prospects Personally.


When a connection is made on LinkedIn, most marketers use formal language to begin their communication and that does not work often. What needs change is focusing on building a more casual relationship with them, messaging casually whenever we connect with someone on LinkedIn can help us generate more leads.



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