Emerging Technological Trends During COVID 19

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Not so long ago, we all were working normally, going to the office, performing daily tasks; while having the opportunity of discussing future prospects in person.

Due to the COVID 19 Pandemic, governments have had to force companies to shift their business operations from working within the office to working from home. This has led to a huge shift in the business processes around the globe.

Technology is playing a key role in keeping us connected during these tough times. Most businesses have realized the need for transforming their business processes digitally but for those who were not ready, this pandemic has forced them to adapt.

Some of the methodologies that have helped us and will be useful for other businesses are video conferencing and remote working processes.

Let’s discuss in detail about how video conferencing and remote working can help your business adapt to the changing circumstances.

01-Video Conferencing

Communicating with clients and colleagues has been quite a challenge recently. It doesn’t matter whether you are a business or a freelancer, if you want to engage with your clients or teammates then you must utilize video conferencing. These tools will help you achieve your desired goals to connect and communicate with your team and clients.

Many companies have had to scramble to lock down and rely on video conference tools to continue operations. Some of the trending ones that have been seen are; Microsoft Teams, Skype, and Zoom.

Here are some Alternatives tools for video Conferencing:

  1. Cisco Webex
  2. Goto Meetings
  3. Google Meet


02-Remote Working

Remote work is empowered by (VPNs), online meetups, and cloud technology. While working remotely is saving us from being exposed to the global pandemic, it has also saved the time of commute and offered the opportunity of a flexible work lifestyle.

As much of ease in work it may have provided, remote work has also put immense pressure on organizations regarding data security and privacy pitfalls. It also adds a risk of feeling isolated, as well as, a struggle to balance professional and personal life for the employees who may have not previously had the experience of such a work lifestyle.

While certain risks of working remotely may be inevitable for both the organizations and the employees, there are certain fears that have developed due to this setup between the two parties. Organizations now have the opportunity to hire cheaper labor from anywhere around the globe; since anyone with a good internet connection and the required professional skill set can qualify for the job position posing local employees at risk to lose their jobs.


Covid-19 has proved that businesses can run online not only occasionally, but during a regular routine as well. From how current remote working experiences are unfolding, we can conclude; that it cannot only save cost but can also improve employee efficiency due to fewer restrictions, that will not only progress productivity in the short run but also the long run for both the employees and the organizations committed to it.

In a pre-coronavirus world, these types of mass implementations would be studied over many months, in a much more rational manner. But the rapid spread of the virus did not allow for typical corporate IT risk assessment and technology inspection processes.

We are already noticing that some companies are making the decision to continue working remotely on a permanent basis. As the lockdown restrictions drop, we are seeing that many companies are allowing employees to work from home when needed. This will mainly depend on the nature of each businesses work.


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