Email Template Design – What you Need to Know

Social media marketing is common and effective these days but it requires a lot of effort, hard work and patience to see positive results. Businesses should not merely depend on social media marketing alone, rather explore other means as well. Email marketing has proven to be one of the most fruitful ways to market a product or a company.  Email is an older means of communication than social media, hence it is effective for all generations. According to Agency Analytics, an average email open rate is 15-25% and average click through rate is 2.5%.  

With the passage of time, email marketing trends have evolved to offer new layout and design techniques to make an email visually appealing. Here are some tips and techniques to design an email or an e-newsletter:  


Keeping an accurate size is very important, your email needs to fit in the screen for viewers to focus on the content and for that, optimization is very important. The ideal size for email is 600-640px(width) and 350-3000px(height) according to the length of your content. Always keep the resolution above 300dpi. The font size should be kept above 6.5px and in accordance with the importance of your content within the email. Increase font size of content that is main focus of the email.  


You must know that you are using your space wisely. A good design is always well balanced, interesting and practical. To keep all these components checked, one must work on the layout of the image. When we talk about lay outing, we need to keep in mind that we’re applying design principles appropriately. If we choose to break a rule, it must be to benefit the aesthetics of an image. Ensure that the balance and hierarchy of the layout is not compromised in any possible way. The area to keep your design in should be within 560-600px(width). Keep the most focused area on the top in the form of a header if you’re creating a detailed newsletter. If you’re just creating an ad or a poster, you need to keep the rule of third in your mind to create balance in the layout.  


Choosing the right color is very important because it sets the tone of your business. Use cool tones for a corporate business and warm colors for travel, food, or casual content. Don’t use too many colors, keep the design subtle. You can use contrasting colors, making your design pop to keep it more interesting for the viewer.  

Animations and gifs:  

Animated gifs work for celebratory kind of emails or ads. You can send Christmas, Eid, Diwali gifs to your clients to make them feel a personal connection to your brand. You can also show offers with the help of animated gifs. For example, if you want a sale or new product with your client or a new, you can create an interesting gif to convey that. Gifs can also be added to e-newsletters to attract a customer’s attention and to break monotony in content.  


While designing an e-newsletter, keep in mind that the content should be relevant and divided into different sections and portions. Sectioning content allows the design to look more comprehensible. To divide your content visually you can use line segments or different themes for each section of your content. Color blocking technique can also help to create a more visually pleasing and easily divided portions. You can use different tones of the same color or two different colors to create different portions of your design.  

Less is more:  

Keep your design minimal, to maintain your audience’s attention and understanding. The less the clutter, the greater the chance your client will develop an interest in your message. Visual aid is important in design but using too many graphics can make your content less interesting and readable. You need to keep a balance between text and visual element so that they complement each other rather than shifting the entire focus upon just one thing. 

One should always keep in mind that good marketing is not just gaining loyal customers, it also depends upon gaining new customers along with keeping the old ones. This can only happen if you keep yourself updated with the new marketing tips and techniques! Design has a huge role to play in that.   


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