National Clean your Desk Day: Organize your Virtual Workspace!  

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Yesterday was National Clean your Desk Day! If you didn’t get a chance to pause and straighten out your workspace then make sure to do so sometime this week. Many of us are still working from home, but that doesn’t mean we don’t need to be keep our virtual workspaces clean and organized. Here’s what you need to do to cleanup your virtual workspace.  

Step 1:  The Desktop –  

We all know that the desktop is never a safe or organized place to keep your work. The desktop is a place to keep things that you use all the time or documents/tools that are currently under use. Take a moment to place all completed documents and tasks away in their respective folders. Shortcuts for tools that aren’t used on a daily basis can also be removed from the desktop 

Step 2: Dig Deep into your Folders  

With a clean desktop, it’s time to dig deeper into your folders. Though it is time consuming, it is so important to take time to make sure everything is in the correct place. If you don’t already, create an organization system that allows for folders that follow a simple flow. This way you will easily be able to find everything 

It can also help to label all your documents with a particular system, the system can be whatever works for you. A system can help you locate documents quickly.  

Step 3: Back it Up!  

Most companies require that you backup your work on the cloud, so many of us have already done it. But if you haven’t than this would be best time to do it. You’ve already set out time to create a clean virtual workspace, why not make sure that you never lose any.  

Step 4: Browsers Need Cleaning Too!  

If you are one of those people who bookmark’s everything in the correct folder and can find it whenever you need, than we all aspire to be you! I for one constantly lose my bookmarked links and have to take out time to organize them. You have the option to create folders in your bookmarks, create a system for that.  

Every now and then take some time out to organize them.  


Step 5: 10,000 Unread Emails… 

Well let’s hope you really don’t have 10,00 unread emails but you may not be too far behind. It only takes 1 day of carelessness to end up with so many unread emails that you can’t manage. Personally, having a disorganized inbox is more detrimental than any of the above things.  

Again, create folders here and spend that time to check all the unread emails and place them in the right folders. Delete what you haven’t opened in weeks…months..years? This will help you manage your work much better and help you get back to emails better.  


Whether you’re cleaning your actual work desk or your computer, it is a tedious task. Taking the time to organize yourself and clean up your workspace will help you stay more focused. Your work will become easier, you don’t be clicking through folders and scrolling through emails looking for what you need to complete a task. National Clean your Desk Day is a reminder that we all need to take the time organize ourselves every so often.  





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