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B2B marketing can be a challenge at times. Unlike the B2C marketing, the B2B market isn’t always eager to communicate across traditional channels. The B2B market consists of key decisions makers such as C-level professionals and mangers, individuals whose typical schedules allow for little to no openings. How do we engage businesspeople who are engaged beyond their schedule allowsIt is an ongoing challenge for marketers that the Smart Marketing Group (SMG) is continuously working towards finding effective ways to reach our client’s audience. Our marketing team has put together some Dos and Don’ts to help you better connect with your B2B market.  


  1. Pinpoint Target Audience – Start by identifying the people who make the business decisions in your market. Are they the CEOs? Are they managers? The B2B market has a very niche and narrow audience. You won’t be targeting a mass audience, but instead focusing on the above-mentioned group.

  2. Understand Communicates Preferences – Each demographic and audience prefer to communicate in a different way. Within the B2B market, various industries utilize certain platforms more than others. Identify where each segment of your audience is communicating and meet them there.

  3. Create Content Supported by Research and Data – Your B2B market is often very educated in their particular industry, they are looking to grow their revenue and make their business processes more efficient. They will not give time to anything that doesn’t make sense. Use data and reason to gain their attention. Ensure that everything you present to them is backed up by research. 
  4. Be Intentional – We understand that the B2B market is fast-paced and does not have time to waste. Make every piece of your communication intentional. Don’t add fluff or wordiness, all your content should be direct with a clear purpose and goal. If you want to educate your audience, then do just that. The B2B market is looking to be informed, they don’t need the extra attraction to bring them in. Facts and information are enough.  


  1. Overwhelm your audience – As mentioned above, don’t overwhelm your audience with extras. This is not to say that they don’t want to see aesthetically pleasing content, but just keep things simple and easy to digest. Avoid bombarding them with unnecessary material and communication. Present them with material that is essential. They may begin to ignore you if you email/message them too often.
  2. Post Only Professional Content – When it comes to social media, your content shouldn’t be boring. Businesses like individuals are looking to work with companies that have personality and can collaborate well with them. Share content that shows your personality as a business and your employee culture. Build a persona that will make other businesses want to work with you. Help them see that you are easy to work with and will care for their business needs. 
  3. Expect instant results. Businesses take time to make buying decisions – Business decisions don’t happen overnight. Don’t expect that your business audience will buy your product or service after the first communication. Often the individual that may come across your email or social post will discuss with their team to validate if your product or service is essential and fits within the budget. Be patient and work to maintain a professional relationship.  



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