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Get to Know your Customer Day is coming up this Wednesday July 14th, 2021. This day serves as a reminder for businesses to not only get to know their customers, but to celebrate past and existing customers. Customers are what allow any business to thrive and grow, making this day a great time to ensure that you are doing what needs to be done to stay well connected with customers.

How to Celebrate this Day:

  1. Research & Strategize: Take this day or week to re-evaluate your customer data and update your research. Updates including demographics, customer behavior, and industry trends. Then, bring your marketing team together to discuss how current strategies can benefit from changes based on your research. Add this as an annual event for your internal team!
  2. Reconnect: If you have former customers or contacts that have not been communicated with for a while, send them an email or connect with them on LinkedIn! With a little work, an existing customer account can be swiftly converted to a new open account. A customer that has previously had a good experience may not take as much effort to convince to repurchase your products/ services. Let past customers know that you haven’t forgotten them and provide updates on what you have to offer them. This alone will make them feel that you care.
  3. Customer Exclusive Promotion: Discounts are a great way to attract attention, particularly when they are associated with an event and are exclusive to a group. They help customers feel special and create a sense of urgency/ need for your products/services. Offer a special promotion this week or for the remainder of the month to previous and existing customers, which can help increase sales on this day.
  4. Social Media Campaign: Social media offers a plethora of campaign options when it comes to celebrating Get to Know your Customer Day. Here are some options:
    • Customer Portfolio – If you have existing case studies, advertise them on social media. Create videos or carousel posts to share your previous work with clients in a quick and easy to digest manner. If you don’t have case studies, create one page client stories that you can use for social media (make sure to get permission from your clients before making them public).
      When posting these on social media, tag clients and thank them for their engagement with you. Make sure to include your website link in the post with a clear call to action. This will help gain customer attention again and could lead to further sales!
    • Promotions – You don’t have to limit promotions to only customers. You can open the promotion up to everyone to increase leads and sales.
    • Research – Social media is a great way to study your customer’s behavior. You may learn about your clients by just watching how they interact with your postings or directly asking them about their preferences. Include polls, story questions and questions within your content that relates directly relate to your products/ services. Use this data to better your social media strategy. The results from such research may help you better your communication with your clients.

Get to Know your Customer Day is a reminder that we can always better our relationship with our clients and should take the time to do so regularly. All of the above-mentioned tips should not only be used on this day but can be used throughout the year or whenever a business feels they need to freshen up their client communication!

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