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Why is Creating Content Important? 

Developing a consistent online presence for a brand is an important goal to integrate within a business strategy. From small organizations to large corporations – all business brands should prioritize their brand development and content strategy in order to reach their target audience effectively. Individuals are easily able to engage with a business and relate to the core message when relevant content is provided to a targeted audience. Developing content and distributing it on a regular basis is a crucial approach for a company to build a relationship with its potential customer base. By providing genuine business information through a variety of different channels, a higher engagement rate can certainly be achieved.  


Where Should I Provide Content Relevant to my Business? 

As businesses are founded in a variety of industries, this may influence the platforms on which they choose to establish credibility. For example, a small coffee shop may choose to develop content and distribute it through different channels than a major manufacturing corporation typically would. A small local coffee shop may decide to focus primarily on social media channels such as Facebook and Instagram in order to reach their target audience adequately. A high level of engagement can be achieved within these channels through the sharing of personable content, such as a “featured coffee of the week”. This content should be integrated within the story features or post content. On the other hand, a large manufacturing company may decide to set up a professional page through LinkedIn and establish a YouTube Business Channel. These platforms highlight businesses missions, products, services, employees, and so on. A welding equipment manufacturing company may decide to highlight their products in play through strategic YouTube videos. The social media channels through which a company chooses to publish content might be defined by the industry in which the company operates. 


How Should a Business Share Created Content? 

A social media schedule or planner is an efficient tool to utilize while creating content. There are many established platforms such as Hootsuite, which acts as an online social media scheduler. A content scheduler platform allows for personal or business content to be efficiently scheduled across multiple accounts or channels without having to post content directly through each individual account. 

A business can optimize their content in a variety of different ways. For example, a customer testimonial can be showcased through written content and even video content. Highlight your business products or services to provide your audience with a customer testimonial, which can be consumed through a variety of different mediums. A business may choose to post the developed video on YouTube and provide the written version throughout their social media accounts. Utilizing a social planner can help a business lay out and visualize where content will be posted, what graphics will accompany the written content, and what additional features will be added, such as a location tag, product link, hashtag, etc. 


How Can a Business be Consistent with Content Creation?  

A consistent content creation schedule will allow for optimal business conversions and an increase in user engagement levels. By providing potential customers and loyal customers with a steady flow of content, a business can establish credibility through fresh ideas in a reliable sequence. Many businesses may follow best practices for the delivery of content such as what time is best to post on each day of the week for each platform. An organization must then determine what type of created content should be delivered on each day of the week. For example, each Friday a business may decide to create content around a featured employee or member of a team and call it “Feature Friday”. On the other hand, it’s important for organizations to not only create their own content, but also share curated content relevant to the business and its values. For instance, a business may integrate customers feedback, reshare a business partners post, or even touch on an event happening within the business locations community. No matter how a business decides to deliver content, it’s important to do so on a consistent basis. 

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