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YouTube is an effective source of advertisements, branding, information, and entertainment. However, with so many videos being uploaded, why do some become viral, while others with similar content do not?  

A main reason is YouTube trends. These trends are constantly updating and adapting, so being up to date as a YouTube channel/content creator is crucial to running a successful channel.  

We’ve compiled a list of YouTube trends that are currently popular and can help kickstart your YouTube channel: 

  1. Thumbnail and Titles

What’s the first thing anyone sees when the YouTube homepage pops up? 

It’s the thumbnail! I can personally vouch for opening various videos that I only clicked on as a result of its thumbnail or title, even if the topic isn’t generally of interest to me. It’s the first impression of any video; leaving the viewer curious and wanted to know more.  

Typically, thumbnails are clean and bold, with clear text defining what the topic is, or just one-word adjectives with the subject’s picture. Regardless of what you choose to add into your YouTube thumbnail, make sure it creates enough impact to persuade a viewer to click on the video.  

I personally get more curious about are thumbnails with Hugh contrast, clean backgrounds, and minimal information. When there is single targeted point of focus, you have control over what you viewer is seeing. So, keep things simple and clean!  

As for titles, we live in the era of the less is more ideology. A simple formula to follow is to highlight the key focus of your video while using minimal words. It’s not typically considered a YouTube crime to exaggerate your titles, but you must define the line between exaggerated thumbnail context and clickbait. Whilst clickbait titles initially get the audience clicking, it’s also received with a lot of backlashes. So, use your words wisely. 


  1. Branding/Sponsorship

Since the concept of commercials is already getting redirected to DVC’s, primarily on platforms like YouTube – a very useful way to get noticed as a channel/brand and even make money is through branded content. A smart direction to take is to ensure that the branding is in line with the content of your channel.  

For instance, a channel catering to kids that is sponsored/branded by an energy drink would not be received well. It is important to know your audience and know your content. An energy drink could be sponsored by a digital marketing company with a YouTube Channel, as that is more relatable to the type of audience, i.e. young working adults, that watch this content.  

It’s common for cooking channels and chefs to use branding in their videos, by either placing that product somewhere in the screen or more commonly, using it – while the product name is highlighted.  

  1. YouTube Live 

The YouTube live feature has not only helped video gamers to stream with their audience, but various other kinds of content creators as well. The main attraction about livestreaming is that the creators and their viewers get a chance to connect and interact. A lot of vloggers and even mental health channels setup YouTube live to answer questions and queries from their viewers. Often some creators include their viewers in a live experience such as a game, food tasting, shopping etc., to make the viewers experience more visceral and real.  

Brands can effectively use this function by having Q&A’s about their products or services – giving a chance to engage with their viewers directly, minimizing scripted content, as a result making it more relatable. 

  1. YouTube Shorts

YouTube shorts is a concept similar to TikTok, where YouTubers can create content under 60 seconds with just a smartphone. There are many possibilities with this feature as it is still in progress and is for anyone to use and create.  

It is an effective way to create quick and impactful clips that cater to your audience. It also allows for more creativity with cheaper resources as it is basically content created through a smartphone, so new startups or channels can use this feature to their advantage.  

With the time limit and easy accessibility, it can be used to create entertaining videos, or even challenges in order to make them viral.  

These are some YouTube Trends that seem to be quite popular as of June 2021 – however it is always smart to keep your eye out for upcoming YouTube trends! 

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