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Whether you are a content creator, a business or a brand, or an artist who wants to make it big on YouTube – there are some essentials you need to do; and not do. Take a look at these YouTube Do’s and Don’ts to keep in mind for any aspiring Youtuber or creator! 


 1. Do all the research before posting videos 

Each time you have an idea for content, it’s great to shoot and publish for the world to see – but a lot more can be achieved if you don’t rush the creation process and brainstorm your ideas first.  

From figuring out an appropriate title, to looking at what other creators have uploaded, scripting, detailing and how to add that extra flavoring into your concept to get just the right amount of engagement and response, each step helps getting you closer to your main goal – making your YouTube Channel popular/successful. 

2. Do Maintain Consistency  

You may have heard this phrase before – and it definitely holds true to this platform: consistency is key.  

It is common to have to through a period of creative flow where there is a large number of creative video ideas. There can also come a point where the ideas come slowly, or there may be a creative block – and this is the point where panic will arise because you do not know what video to post now.  

This is where consistency comes in. Instead of randomly uploading video as you create them, try creating a posting schedule. This allows you to spread your ideas across time to maintain communication with your audience even if your creativity isn’t up for talking! 

Consistency also applies to the content of your videos. Some content creators talk about a variety of topics; as do some vloggers, and that’s okay.  

But if you’ve decided to make a certain topic or genre your point of focus for your channel, try creating future content within that umbrella. It’s this technique that has allowed many famous channels to come forth for their skills – such as top 10 famous channels, famous phone/electronic review channels, makeup tutorial channels and so forth.  

What may start out as a niche could result in you being the most popular channel on that subject! 

 3. Do put in the money where it is needed 

Especially in the case of earning through YouTube, one must have a considerable amount of input to get the desired input – that does not just mean an entertaining video; it all refers to monetary investments in the form of equipment, lights, mics, and good quality cameras.  

This equipment will help your content look better for the audience, but what about the creator themselves?  

Having a camera that shoots in 4k means, you will also need to invest in relevant editing hardware and software so that it does not become a time-consuming task each time you have to edit and export your videos. 

All this investment seems like a lot of money, and it is. But slow and steady you can achieve the views you want and get your rewards once you are eligible for monetization! 


  1. Don’t expect an upward growth right away 

An important part of our content, and the YouTube community is we often overlook our interaction and relationship with our viewers.  

Not just our interaction, but negative feedback that we receive through those who watch us.  

Getting negative comments is very normal, even for the most popular channels. In the more initial stages, that feedback can be crucial to redirect yourself and understand what your audience is looking for.  

So don’t take the negative feedback personally, and avoid any unnecessarily negative comments and trolls because that unfortunately exists on social media platforms, which you need to develop thick skin for.  

2. Don’t monitor your channel growth with only views and subscribers 

Yes, holistically views and subscribers are what ultimately determine how well your channel is doing – but that’s nearly every channels goal.  

There are many goals to achieve alongside, depending on what kind of a creator you are. If you are a brand, your goals can be determining how much your marketing on YouTube led to an increase in sales, clickthrough rate of ads, etc.  

With this in mind, create smaller goals, and measure them in accordingly so you know if you need to change your approach. Fulfilling smaller goals also will bring motivation and leave you feeling like you’re closer to the finish line! 

3. Don’t leave behind anything for the audience 

Who was the host of the previous video? Who gets credit for the illustration that is being used in your speed-draw video? What was the name of the guest in that live session? It shouldn’t come to viewers asking these questions in the comments.  

People appearing in your videos should be mentioned, and those who work on your content with you should be accredited to avoid leaving people wondering – also, if you frequently have a team working or different guests appearing in your videos without being accredited, it could leave the audience thinking that you (your channel, your brand) are self-centered and only want the attention to yourself. 

This point is also important when it comes to CTA’s. Especially if you are a brand or a business, think of creative ways to advertise your brand and links to your website or work. Don’t wait for an opportunity for people to ask, rather, provide all the information beforehand.  

There are endless ways to secure your channel and work towards its growth – these were a few important do’s and don’ts to give you some direction and clarity! 

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