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The next digital technology workforce of web specialists is underway – possessing fresh ideas, creative thinking, and innovative approaches. The University of Wisconsin Oshkosh, located near Smart IS Headquarters, ranks number 6 among 10 nationwide schools for the next generation of web designers, according to College Magazine. This ranking was based on one of UW Oshkosh’s newer degrees, Interactive Web Management (IWM). The IWM degree is a blend of courses in marketing, computer science, information systems, and journalism departments.

Why is this area of study important to businesses and organizations?

The need for these skills is essential in today’s tech market, which is inevitability growing. As this expertise continues to flourish, businesses will stay up to date with new digital trends, learn how to optimize their online presence, and create a user-friendly experience for potential and current consumers.


By acknowledging digital technology trends, businesses obtain a better understanding of what their ideal consumer is looking for when landing on their website. Organizations possess the ability to learn effective content marketing in order to make their user experience as personable as possible. Tactics such as SEO can improve the performance of your website as well as boost your engagement on social platforms.


Why is interactive web design important?

It is essential for users to engage with your website content in order to serve your website’s purpose. For example, Smart IS provides customizable e-commerce websites to businesses interested in selling their products and services online. We aim to create an environment that users can easily access business offerings and complete a transaction all in one seamless process. By succeeding a positive user experience through interactive web design, businesses are more likely to establish brand loyalty and encounter reoccurring customers.

After graduating from UW Oshkosh with an IWM degree in the Fall of 2018, I have had the opportunity to succeed in many different roles including a web design specialist, an education and tech program coordinator, and my current marketing specialist position with Smart IS. I greatly value the skills I acquired as I can support business tech initiatives and create an edge in the marketplace.

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