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       Branching from our well-established IT Consulting firm, we are a Digital Marketing Agency with the expertise and experience to bring digital facets & dimensions to life by bridging the gap between Technology & Marketing.  

      Our team of designers, marketers, & developers provide more than content writing and graphics. SMG goes beyond the traditional concept of an agency by incorporating eCommerce and web creation into our marketing efforts. Using the Adobe Suite, our team creates user-friendly, interactive, and responsive websites/mobile application experiences! In addition, Smart IS is a Microsoft Certified Gold Partner and we are proud to help companies with needs across the Microsoft landscape and beyond. 

Allow us to introduce ourselves! 

Meet the SMG Team 

Saba Aftab  

Hi, my name is Saba Aftab and I am a Senior Visual Artist at SMG. Smart IS has given me the opportunity to help in achieving their company goals. Through my aesthetics and abilities, I am able to contribute to the success of our clients as well as our inhouse projects. Currently UI/UX and motion graphics are the two things that excites me the most. 

Monique Ahmed 

I have worked at Smart IS since 2018 as a Marketing Specialist and watched it grow from a team of 3 into a fully functional Marketing Agency! I studied Communication at Salem College and worked on Social Media content and management in the fashion industry before joining Smart IS. 

At SMG I work to provide customer-oriented marketing strategies and content. SMG gives me the opportunity to understand client goals and find the most effective yet creative ways to meet them.  

Ali Akram  

I am a Marketing Specialist and UI Consultant as well as the Team Lead of Marketing and Design in SMG. Throughout my many years with Smart IS, I have seen many individuals come and go, but I have seen our SMG team grow tremendously. I bring a lot of value to the work with my experience and skillset. I enjoy music, have a thrill for adventure. I believe in bringing positive energy and good work culture among my colleagues.  

I believe that a team can only grow if you are flexible towards your employees. Your dedication towards achievement is derived from your team.  

Meral Fatima Kazmi 

Hi! I am Meral and I work as a Creative Strategist at Smart IS. I started my first projects as a videographer when I was 17 years old, and since then my love for editing, frames, and storytelling have grown. 

Hence, I do my best here at SMG to create content that is fresh, creative, and engaging.  

Caitlin MacWilliams 

My name is Caitlin MacWilliams and I am a Marketing Specialist with SMG. I graduated from the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh in 2018 with my Bachelor of Business Administration with a degree in Interactive Web Management. This degree has allowed me to become very well versed in multiple areas of work including marketing, computer science, information systems, and journalism. 

Before Smart IS, I worked as a Web Specialist Intern for the UW Oshkosh Marketing and Communications Department, as well as an Economic and Education Program Coordinator for the Oshkosh Chamber of Commerce. My role as a Marketing Specialist within the US Office is to connect with my international team daily to ensure our internal team and external clients located worldwide are successful. At SMG I provide content creation capabilities as well as marketing strategies. I enjoy collaborating with my team at SMG to effectively deliver our marketing efforts to customers worldwide. 

Maham Mubeen 

I’m Maham Mubeen, working as a Communication Designer at SMG. I have grown and have learned so much while working at Smart IS, specifically within the SMG Team. We are given all the chances here to learn and experiment, which has allowed me to create draw, paint, and digital illustrations. 

My role at SMG as a Communication Designer is to design creative content with the help of the content writers. We work like an idea factory where we brainstorm together and come up with creative design solutions. I love working with the SMG team as it brings so much more creative element into the final product than an individual person.

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