2021 Graphic Design Trends

The start of a new year always brings exciting new trends for the graphic designer community to indulge into and explore. These new trends allow designers to experiment and challenge their creative side and help them in evolving and polishing their skills.  The dawn of 2021 also brought some exciting new trends to indulge into. Some of the new trends in 2021 are:

Organic Design

Symbol Revival

DIY Aesthetic

Gold and golden tones

Socially conscious design

Organized Chaos


Organic Design:

Organic Design is all about getting inspiration from nature, that is using elements and visuals from mother nature in designs. This trend is also being followed in fashion, interior, product, and graphic design. This trend is about the use of nature inspired elements in combination of neutral and earthy color tones like light beige, soft browns, faded pinks, blues and greens. Sometimes, it also involves combining them with bright colors to grab attention.

Symbol Revival:

Symbols have held quite an importance throughout recent history. A simple “Red Plus” sign symbol can be recognized throughout the world as a symbol for International Red Cross or similarly a dove with twig in its beak is recognized as a symbol for peace. Powerful and recognizable language of symbols globally has encouraged designers to not only start incorporating the existing symbols in their design but also to create new symbols that will be recognizable globally.

DIY Aesthetic:

For the past few years there has been an increase in incorporating the DIY designs into digital designs. Many designers are creating art using traditional medium to get that raw organic design feel that shows human touch, personal aspect and errors and then incorporating them into their digital work.

Gold and golden tones:

Designers have been playing with different metallic colors and tones like silver, bronze, and lead but recent years have seen a shift with the use of gold and golden tones in design. Using a little bit of gold or metal element in a design always draws attention. Gold has this quality that it gives the feel of luxury and expensiveness. Gold calls for attention.  Aesthetical use of gold elements and tones in digital, interior, product, and print design in 2021 is becoming very common and appears extremely pleasing to eyes.

Socially conscious design:

Year 2020 should be considered the year of change. 2020 made people realize how much they need to change and educate themselves about different social issues and how they should join hands and get actively involved in changing the existing practices. The year 2020 taught people that they need to learn to be more empathetic towards their fellow beings, should care about this beautiful planet of ours and should stand together to fight global crises. Artists are sensitive beings and the art of past centuries has proven it. The art of artist of 2020 and 2021 also depicts this sensitive side throughout their art and design. The artists of today have used their art and expression to highlight the socio-political issues, convey their opinions and concerns to masses and educate the common people about the different issues.

Organized Chaos:

Chaotic style is all about asymmetrical arrangements, layering of different elements like typography, lines, illustrations, imagery to convey message. Although it may appear chaotic but is visually appealing to eyes because of the use of contrast of space and structure. 

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