Mind Mapping

An idea begins with a thought or imagination and that imagination expands and spreads all over. If you are a creative person, you will probably relate to the overwhelming feeling after getting an idea and not being able to execute the idea into reality. Mind mapping is the process that helps you execute that idea into reality through a step-by-step process.

What is a Mind Map?

The mind map is a diagram showing the main concept or a keyword in the middle and branches of the links connected to the idea. These branches relink to the core idea, thus making it easier to show and understand the thought process of an idea. It uses the concept of “Radiant Thinking” which is “thoughts radiating from a single idea” (Emerald Publishing). The other similar ways to process radiant thinking are Concept Mapping and Spider Diagram. The concept of mind mapping was generally associated with famous psychologist Tony Buzan due to his book “The Mind Map Book”, but the concept dates back to the 3rd century BC by Porphyry of Tyros to understand the work and ideas of other ancient philosophers and artists (Emerald Publishing).

Why do you need a Mind Map?

Imagine having a cluster of thoughts and not being able to organize them in any way or reading a book with too much information to absorb or planning an event but having no idea what to do….Mind Map would make your life easier and will guide you through steps not only to come up with new ideas but also to organize those ideas. Creating a mind map helps you understand a certain hierarchy of the keywords, helping you to structure information. If you’re reading something informative yet boring, creating a map using different colors and doodles will not only make it fun but also help increase your memory and comprehension. It also increases your productivity by getting more work done in lesser time.

How to create a mind map?

So you are reaching the deadline and haven’t come up with an idea yet and the design process seems like a huge milestone to achieve, you just need some steps to get your thoughts aligned and the work done before the given deadline.

Generate keyword:

Write the keyword of your topic in the middle, for instance, we have to build a design campaign on Climate Change and we need some ideas to work on.


Find relevant questions (to direct your process):

Keep on writing the words or topics related to that idea that come in your mind. The best way to do that is by pointing the questions that pop into your head related to that idea.  You can find the answers with the help of research.

add questions

Assign Colors – to keep organized:

Assign a color to each topic so that they become easy to distinguish and remember. This is how your brain would have a clear image of each topic and the information will embed in your memory.


Make drawings and doodles:

The brain processes images faster than the text. Create rough doodles or add icons with each keyword to separate each point from the other. This will also make the whole process more fun and easy.

These are some of the basic techniques of creating a mind map. You can create your own just by following the basic steps to solve your problems and execute your creative ideas. Your process can go to as many steps as you want and create a complex set of ideas through this process.

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