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Mashable, a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company, established Social Media Day on June 30, 2010, to acknowledge and celebrate the influence of social media in global communication. This year Social Media Day is recognized and celebrated on Wednesday, June 30, 2021. Today, social media is at the core of worldwide communication and collaboration. Smart IS has been utilizing social media channels to share the latest trends, highlight our expertise, and connect with individuals around the world. In 2019 Smart IS launched a marketing agency, the Smart Marketing Group, to help businesses leverage current marketing tactics such as social media to further their goals.  

With the debut of social platforms such as MySpace and LinkedIn in 2003, social media became ingrained in our daily lives. Through social platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc, individuals have the capability to access information at the click of a button. Social media content can be developed in an engaging manner through photos and videos to display a new product or even lead someone through a how-to tutorial. Social media platforms have made it possible for friends, family, communities, and businesses to stay connected no matter where they are located. 


Why Social Media is Essential for Businesses 

Social Media is full of rich content. From restaurant reviews to product feedback to referral information, social media has had a significant influence on businesses and the way their customers communicate. It is essential for businesses to reflect their mission and values through their online brand presence. This should include basic organization information such as store hours, business locations, and contact information. It’s important for customers to be able to access business information in a quick manner in order to consume the information immediately. In addition to basic business information, it’s crucial to engage with your followers. Potential customers may view a business’s social media channels in order to learn more about the brand itself, whereas loyal customers are engaged and looking for a new product launch or next best business offering. 


How to Participate in Social Media Day 

Join in on social media activities and celebrate the impact that social media has had on millions of individuals and businesses throughout the world.  

  • Create a Live Video through Facebook, Instagram or YouTube and host a conversation or encourage a guest to join you. 
  • Like/Comment/Share content from your favorite brands on social media – Engaging with businesses content helps promote their message to others. 
  • Give a compliment – Leave a Facebook comment on a friends Instagram photo letting them know how much you value them as a person! Or reconnect with an old coworker and learn how you can benefit from one another. 
  • Host a giveaway – Gain new customers and attract loyal customers by creating a fun giveaway to celebrate Social Media Day! Ask followers what their favorite social media platform is for a chance to win. 


We asked our Marketing Team at Smart IS to share their favorite social media platform and explain why it’s their favorite!  


Ali Akram 

Favorite Platform: YouTube 

Why: I’m a major fan of rock n roll & action games and I get to see the latest games & latest music on YouTube. I absolutely love the YouTube algorithm where it helps you to explore your interests and gives you the latest updates. I am even able to find the latest music suggestions & new game suggestions. 


Maham Mubeen 

Favorite Platform: Instagram 

Why: Instagram is my favorite platform because I get to share my personal photos, photography and interact with friends. Instagram has interactive stickers such as polls, ask a question, reactions, and gif stickers.  The best thing I like about Instagram is the “Go Live” feature. You get to see your favorite celebrities and interact with them, and you and your friends can go live together, have good conversations and make everyone a part of them.   


Monique Ahmad 

Favorite Platform: LinkedIn/ Instagram  

Why: It’s a tough pick between the two. When it comes to professional development, LinkedIn is a great platform! Not only can you network on it, but it’s an amazing tool to build your skills through shared content and LinkedIn Learning!  

Instagram on the other hand is good for personal use. Instagram is continuously offering fun ways to share your content and keeping things interesting. Instagram also has so much variety when it comes to content, everyone is on it! From shopping to news to entertainment you can get a bit of everything.  


Meral Fatima-  

Favorite Platform: YouTube 

Why: YouTube for me personally is a platform that helps discover your own tastes and interests in various topics, eventually shaping your own personality – making it personally and professionally a very integral social media platform for everyday use. From music, to documentaries, to video essays, reviews, entertainment and more, it’s a never-ending visual adventure! 


Saba Aftab-  

Favorite Platform: YouTube 

Why: I like YouTube because it offers a diverse range of content. I use it to educate myself about new things related to my field, to entertain myself by watching renovation and home décor videos, and to listen to interviews and music. So, for me YouTube offers endless possibilities to entertain and educate myself. 


Caitlin MacWilliams-  

Favorite Platform: Instagram 

Why: I love being able to share my personal photos with friends as well as follow my favorite brands and be a part of their journey! Instagram offers both temporary and permanent content formats through stories, reels, posts, IGTV, and more, offering businesses limitless ways to brand like never before!


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