Journey of Women – Successful Homemakers to Accomplished Digital Marketers

Women of the past were mostly confined to the role of homemakers. They were responsible for domestic responsibilities only; while, men were expected to go out and provide for them. The only skills that women of that era were taught were sewing, weaving, cooking, washing, and cleaning.  Women were denied the right to educationto own property or to be a part of public life. The idea that women should get education started floating about in the late 18th century when men realized that if women are the first educators of children, then women need to be educated themselves.  Women involvement in public life started in the early 19th century. A more prominent shift in the gender roles was observed during world war 1 and 2 as men had to leave their jobs and join the military forces to fight the war. To fill in the gap left by the men and to let the financial activity continue, women had to join the work force. In the beginning women were hired as factory workers, postal workers, or they joined police. Although these women got the opportunity to work but still, they were limited to small jobs and were not encouraged nor welcomed to become part of more challenging fields. This trend changed during the second world war when women were offered slightly more challenging roles like they were hired as mechanics, engineers, air raid wardens, and fire engine drivers. Even Queen Elizabeth rendered her services during the world war by joining the Auxiliary Territorial Service and was promoted to the rank of Junior Commander. In the Tech industry Grace Hopper was one of the pioneering women. She not only worked on the Univac, the first commercial computer, but she was also the first one to develop FLOW-MATIC the first data processing language like English.  Similarly, Radia Perlman was the one who wrote a code behind the STP an important part of the internet’s underlying foundation. Other includes Sister Mary Kenneth Keller (the first computer Ph. D) and Katherine Coleman Goble Johnson, she made contributions to the United States aeronautics and space programs.  


Although the contribution and the efforts of these and so many other women in technology related fields opened new arenas and options for the women of today’s time. But still, many of these fields stayed male dominated. One such example is the field of marketing in particular digital marketing; women make less than one third of workforce in digital marketing. Becoming a leader in the digital world is quite challenging in itself but for women to climb the corporate ladder and to become a leader in digital world is extra challenging. Still there were and there are women out there who take up this challenge and are trying to defy the odds and make it to the top. Some of the women from that the list of “women who made it to the top off digital world” defying all the odds includes: 


Pamela Vaughan:
She is principal marketing manager at HubSpot, a leader in marketing and sales software.
As a part of HubSpot’s web strategy team, she is responsible for conversion rate optimization and conversioncopywriting for HubSpot’s website. 


Rhea Drysdale: 

Rhea Drysdale is a Chief Executive Officer at Outspoken Media. Solving a problem with analytical and creative approach is what leads her to this position. In Outspoken Media she is responsible for the strategic vision and growth of the company, its clients, and team. She loves solving complex technical SEO, content, reputation marketing, and outreach problems.  


Ann Handley: 

She is the Chief Content Officer for Marketing Profs, a notable marketing firm that provides content and tools for digital marketers. She has an experience of 25 years as a marketer, educator, entrepreneur, and is an author of a best seller book, translated in 19 languages.  She is not only trained but also trains people on Content Marketing, Marketing Writing, Storytelling, Lead Generation, and Branding. 

Clare McDermott: 

Clare with more than 20 years of experience is a co-founder and a head of research at Mantis ResearchFormerly she was a Chief Editor at Chief Content Officer Magazine. In Mantis Research her job was about helping the marketers in producing original research. She helps marketing executives in understanding how an original research can transform their content marketing efforts 

Sonia Simone: 

She is working as a leadership coach at Remarkable Communication. She was a former chief content officer and a co-founder of Copyblogger.  In her current job she works one-on-one with founders, CMOs, and other business leaders who use content to drive revenue. She also leads workshops for writers at all levels to enhance their creativity and quality of their content. 


In today’s time more women are leaving their imprint in different industries especially in digital marketing. If all those women who wants to be a part of the Digital Marketing world are given a fair chance imagine the diversity of content and ideas, they will bring 

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